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DJ Hadara, formerly known as J. Lai, is a Toronto based DJ, visual artist and member of the music and dance collective Lost Is Found. Hadara draws inspiration from a wide array of genres, including classic soul and RnB, traditional folk music, vintage Brazilian and experimental electronic sounds and is most known for spinning club (Jersey, Bmore, global) and house music that heats up dance floors around the city. Her DJ practice has extended out of the club and into the dance studio, where she has collaborated with some of the best contemporary and street dancers in the city. For 2 years Hadara threw a monthly queer party at the Beaver called Club House and is a resident DJ for Lost Is Found’s party, SVFE. She has played at venues such as Bambis, the Embassy, Oak Island, Double Double Land and Invisible City and has DJ’d alongside international DJ/Producers such as Swisha, El Blanco Nino, Dazzler, Neon Nuckles and Kush Jones. She currently gives DJ workshops to youth at SKETCH Working Arts and has a monthly residency at HalfmoonBK, a Brooklyn based community radio program. Whenever Hadara plays and throws parties, her passion for and commitment to community, collaboration and inclusivity always comes through.

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