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Jennifer Laiwint


Jennifer Laiwint is a Toronto based visual artist and DJ who works across the disciplines of video, text, sound and movement based performance.  She is a graduate of York University’s Visual Arts Program and completed a one-year work-study program in Visual and Digital Arts at the Banff Centre.  Jennifer’s practice takes a research and process oriented approach to explore the links between self-improvement culture, loneliness and social performance. Jennifer investigates what draws people into programs that offer promises of transformation and how our attempts towards self-actualization can be translated into movement, video and text. Her current work looks at how self-help messages get used and manipulated within online masculinist communities, such as Pick Up Artists.  She has developed her work in residencies at the Banff Centre and NARS foundation in New York and has exhibited in galleries and festivals across Canada and The United States, including Xpace, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, SummerWorks Performance Festival and Flesh Crisis Performance Art Festival. She is currently the non-local artist in residence at Duplex Artists' Society in Vancouver and recently screened a new film work at the Western Front in Vancouver.  Jennifer is a board member at Pleasure Dome and has a monthly DJ residency at Halfmoon BK, a community radio station in Brooklyn, New York.

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