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How To Overcome Fear (Solo)

ft. Danah Rosales and Track by Bliptor


"What starts that journey to being okay being alone?" - Danah Rosales

In this clip from Rehearsal 3, Danah created movements based on a visualization exercise on how to overcome fear. I asked her to focus on visualizing and translating what fear does to the body. 

Danah generously shared her fear of being alone and her process of confronting and moving through that fear. 
I then asked Danah to tap into her different dance identities and use repetition as a way of letting go of her fear. 
I sent this clip to Bliptor, who then translated Danah's movements with electronic music. 

Dancer: Danah Rosales

Music: "My Alone" By Bliptor

Videographer: Heather Rappard, Jennifer Laiwint

Concept/Direction: Jennifer Laiwint

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 How to Overcome Fear (Solo)

Ft. Dequan Clarke and Score by Leucrocuta

In this clip, Dequan extends movements from a previous exercise in which he was asked to do a visualization exercise while Mary-Dora listened to his heartbeat using a stethoscope.

I had asked Dequan to translate this experience using movement, while Mary-Dora physicalized his heartbeat and acted as an anchor.

Dequan generously opened up about what he imagined during the exercise. I then asked Dequan to channel the emotions he experiences when he enters a dance cypher and also use repetition, speed and intensity to try to transform the fear situation.

I sent this clip to Leucrocuta (Laura Dickens) with a series of music production tasks to follow. Laura used field recordings of city sounds to translate and score this movement.

Dancer: Dequan Clarke
Sound Design, Score and Recording: Laura Dickens

Videography: Heather Rappard, Jennifer Laiwint
Concept/Direction: Jennifer Laiwint

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