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This project looks at the connection between bodily rhythms and emotional states and explores the ways that these can be creatively translated through movement and music. In this rehearsal, a self-help style visualization called "The Rose Process" is the entry point into movement exploration and music production.  All music included in this video was created in response to movements from rehearsal.


Dancers: Dequan Clarke, Kalliane Bremault, Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen.


Track 1- "Bend or Break" by SilkyBlack, 
Track 2- "Untitled" by Casey MQ,
Track 3- "Happy Motion Real Devotion"  by Laura Dickens

Videography: Heather Rappard, Jennifer Laiwint

Sound Recordist: Laura Dickens

Concept, Direction, Editing: Jennifer Laiwint

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting this project

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